On-The-Rise is the oldest vendor at the Springfield Farmers Market. Working with the farmers market allows students to learn employment and social skills off the farm. Once a student has made enough progress at the farm with their social skills and behavior they are encouraged to gain real world experience by working at the farmers market. Students learn how to make change correctly, gain customer service skills, and engage in the community while they continue to develop in their areas of struggle. Students must attend the farmers market on time and be able to answer questions about the products.
The following products are typically available for purchase at the farmers market:

Brown Egg’s by the Dozen

Ground Goat Meat

Ground Goat Chorizo

Chicken Sausage

Whole Chickens

Chicken Wings

Goat Brats (Traditional, Italian, and Chorizo)

Goat Patties


Not all products are available every weekend due to nature.

The Springfield Farmers Market is open every Saturday from 9-12!
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