On-The-Rise is a uniquely structured farm program that serves at-risk youth, ages 10 – 14, throughout Clark County. This year round program helps students work on their goals during the school year and helps them continue progressing during the summer. On-The-Rise works to develop the life skills, social skills, and employment skills of youth. Students learn responsibility by caring for goats and chickens, doing farm chores, and running the brown egg business while also enhancing their academic abilities by working with tutors on areas of struggle.

By collaborating with area schools, Clark County Juvenile Court, Family and Youth Initiatives, the OSU Extension of Clark County, and many other community organizations On-The-Rise has the ability to provide a multitude of resources to the youth it serves.  By eliminating the familiar urban setting and getting back to the basics, On-The-Rise gives students a chance to grow and succeed.

Teens On-The-Rise

In 2017 On-The-Rise piloted a new program designed to reach an older group of youth in Clark County. Teens On-The-Rise, an extension program of On-The-Rise, was established to serve youth in high school. This 8-week educational series meets once a week and focuses on more specific areas of occupational employment skills and lifestyle options. The community educators and collaborators that support the youth program are a resource for the teen program as well, allowing for age appropriate education on personal banking, budgeting, nutrition, internet/social media safety, and applying for jobs. At the end of the six week presentation circuit, students engage in a community service activity and a mini-internship.