Chicken Chunnel

Here at On-The-Rise our hens are treated with the upmost love, and respect. After all they do run the coop here. Someone had shown Ms. Deb this wonderful idea, and that’s where it all started!

Since our kids aren’t here JUST for fun, we decided to have them assemble and install both of the Chunnel’s! They had  fun cutting the wire, bending it into a tunnel the chickens (and boys) would fit through comfortably. After the kids hooked them up to the coops the chickens made a break for it immediately! They love being able to go out and eat fresh weeds, and grass.

Not only does Chunneling has health benefits on the chicken, but also our garden! We Chunnel them around our garden and behind all our sheds (where those pesky weeds are). Since chunneling we’ve noticed that our hens have actually become more sociable and happier- wouldn’t you feel better being able to leave the coop? AND our garden has less weeds and bugs around it. The Chunnel’s are everything we expected and more! Our kids love opening-up the door to let them out every morning and seeing the hens enjoy their morning stroll through the Chunnel.

More updates always to come!

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The Start of Summer 2019

As summer begins On the Rise kicks off our 17th summer program were excited to tell you what we’ve done. From learning about how a seed grows, to reading books about how a garden can bring a community together; we show the importance community and how to give back. Our first project is to get our gardens in check: weeding, hoeing, planting, mulching, and weeding again. This year we’re working with Debbie Brugger- she’s are giving us some pointers on how to keep our garden the best in town. Springfield once was a huge agricultural influence on the United States, so we went and toured the Heritage Center; we think it’s important to show them the positives of Springfield and give them confidence in their own city. Just because its summer doesn’t mean there isn’t any learning! We also have the kids in a reading program with the book called Seed Folk By: Paul Fleischman. More Updates on the Facebook page!img_0435