Our newest program Teens On-The-Rise is always going through growth and change and the Fall 2018 edition is seeing a lot of development. Last week the youth of the teen program met in the new building that the program will be housed in just down the street from the farm. This little building was generously donated by Mr. Ayres, a local businessman, for the duration of the teen program. We dressed up the building and made it a new safe space for our teen program. They enjoyed their first meeting in the new space but their excitement for the new curriculum is showing just how amazing this round of the program will be.

We’ve partnered with three professors from the University of Dayton to change the curriculum so that it offers more learning based on sustainability, engineering, and nutrition and fitness. This new curriculum will serve to educate our teens on the real-life situations that they will soon have to face. We want to make sure that our teens are prepared for the real world and understand how it works but we also want to prepare them to become a part of the community and this curriculum will serve to do just that.

The teen program is expecting 8 new students tonight and the program is steadily increasing its outreach. This season will be the best one yet.