Returning The Favor

If you know the name Mike Rowe you might first associate him with the show Dirty Jobs. However, Mike Rowe’s career as a TV host, writer, narrator, producer, actor and spokesman reaches much further than his over 300 dirty jobs which is evident in his web series Returning The Favor. This web series catalogs Mike Rowe’s endeavors to find individuals who are giving back to their communities and he returns the favor.

This spring, On-The-Rise was in for a big surprise when they were asked to participate in a video that would be used to benefit the organization. With little information on the video or its use, founders Debbie McCullough and Cathy Tofstad were wary of the the proposal. After sixteen years of running the On-The-Rise program they were bound to protect it. Carefully treading forward, they proceeded with the project only to be shocked by the altruistic nature of what was truly going on.

On-The-Rise is deeply grateful for the generosity of the students and family that nominated the program, for Mike Rowe, and for everyone involved in making this act of returning the favor.